Record Shop Profiles

Recently vinyl has had a massive comeback, luckily Cardiff is one of the best places to spend some time picking up some gems. Here is a quick guide to the best places to buy records in Cardiff. Spillers Records  Probably the only record shop in Cardiff, which needs no introduction. The oldest record shop in … Continue reading

Cardiff Record Shop Picks

I went round some of Cardiff’s top record shops to see which new releases this month they would recommend… Ben, Graff and Steve at Spillers Records   Devandra Banhart- Mala Chelsea Light Moving- Chelsea Light Moving Daughter- If You Leave Andrew and Simon at Catapult   Oliverwho Factory- You Just Don’t Know S.T. Files … Continue reading

The Red Stripe Rule

I’ve often walked into bars, clubs, restaurants and pointed knowingly at a fridge full of the Jamaican style beer ‘Red Stripe’ turned to my friends and said this will be a good night. #TheRedStripeRule This is because I have a rule, it’s called the Red Stripe Rule. If a place serves Red Stripe in a can, it is probably … Continue reading

Puzzle Christmas Cards

A Cardiff University Architecture student, Hugo McCloud has made puzzle style Christmas cards to give to his family and friends this Christmas. Rather than select a generic item from the shops Hugo made out of wood a series of cube shaped Christmas cards which slowly reveal a Christmas message to their recipient as they are unfolded and folded. … Continue reading

Christmas gifts from Cardiff’s Fashion Quarter

Tucked away on Womanby Street behind a wall of graffiti, Cardiff’s Fashion Quarter is a superb place to find an eccentric gift this Christmas. The recently opened Cardiff Fashion Quarter is a hive of vintage clothing, interesting collectables and novelty knick-knacks, the perfect place to pick up a Christmas gift that is a little bit different. One: … Continue reading

Love & Rage: Can the City Road squat become a community centre?

Love & Rage Cardiff squatters ‘The Gremlins’ have been resisting eviction in the abandoned Gaiety on City Road since October this year. Their eventual aim is to make this building a part of the community again by opening it up to the public as a community centre. Who are the gremlins? The gremlins are an … Continue reading

The Pumping Station

The sound of many clocks ticking, a slightly dusty smell and room after room of antiques, The Pumping Station in Cardiff is a great distraction from the modern world. After posting about Jacob’s Market a few weeks ago, another blogger pointed me in the direction of The Pumping Station in Penarth Road in Grangetown. The Pumping … Continue reading

Postcards From the Past

Voices echoing back across the generations… Inside a box of old photographs in the corner of Cardiff’s dusty home for all things vintage and retro, Jacob’s Market, I found several old postcards written in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Below is a slideshow featuring the postcards with voice-overs reading out the words of others written … Continue reading

Book Shop Oddities

The sound of cracked pages turning in a second hand book shop has always felt slightly magical to me. Cardiff has some fantastic second hand book shops. I ventured into Capital Books and Troutmark Books to see what odd tit-bits I could find in the Welsh capitals literary haunts. Capital Books For years I have … Continue reading

Cardiff’s Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle

Often seen cruising around Cardiff the camouflage Zombie response vehicle is generally seen advertising a local barbers rather than fighting flesh-eating hoards. Whilst getting my haircut this week in the excellent Groom for Men on Crwys Rd, the barber was chatting away about his new motorbike. Another customer asked him how many bikes he had now. Shane, the … Continue reading