Fox Studio

I was walking up Crwys Road on the way to investigate a parrot when I saw a sign pointing the way to an artist’s studio. Well, I had to go and have a look.


The beginning of my adventure…

When I put my coat on this morning I had expected to write a particular story this evening instead I’m writing this one.

On the way to find a particular Cardiff-based parrot I spotted a sign directing me to something called Fox Studio.

I was intrigued and followed the signs, turning of Crwys Road. I came across another sign and began walking down a back-street.

The door to the studio.

Eventually I came to Fox Studio. The studio was open to the public for the weekend as part of Cardiff Open Studios.

I had not heard of this event so was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this back street studio.

As I edged through the door a man sat on a chair reading a book looked up and said hello.

The man was one of the artists who works in the space, Sam Aldridge. Sam agreed to show me around Fox Studio.

It was really interesting being able to examine each artist’s creative space. I very much enjoyed seeing unfinished work, the beginnings of ideas and the paint-splashes from previously finished pieces.

La Friperie

Sam showed me around each space and explained what each artist was working on; he even offered me ginger cake and

Sam Aldridge in his studio.

mulled wine.

A full time artist, Sam said: “It’s great being able to come in here every day and be creative, it is nice and cosy here, I treat it like home.”

The work of his own that Sam showed me was some traffic cones and hard hats sculpted out of cardboard, he then told me about his work: “I like to recreate everyday objects out of card, these traffic cones are left-over from an exhibition in Germany, but I’ve started taking photos of them in public places.”

One of the artists work-spaces.

I asked why it was called Fox Studio, apparently Sam was originally going to buy a studio on Fox lane, the deal fell through but he had already settled on the name so he named the studio on Crwys Road Fox Studio.

As I left I said that I had enjoyed my unexpected excursion into the artists world, and Sam said: ‘Well we are a bit off the beaten track here, so It’s nice to have people pop in.”

More on the parrot soon…

Wine and work.


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