Postcards From the Past

Voices echoing back across the generations… Inside a box of old photographs in the corner of Cardiff’s dusty home for all things vintage and retro, Jacob’s Market, I found several old postcards written in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. Below is a slideshow featuring the postcards with voice-overs reading out the words of others written … Continue reading

Book Shop Oddities

The sound of cracked pages turning in a second hand book shop has always felt slightly magical to me. Cardiff has some fantastic second hand book shops. I ventured into Capital Books and Troutmark Books to see what odd tit-bits I could find in the Welsh capitals literary haunts. Capital Books For years I have … Continue reading

Cardiff’s Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle

Often seen cruising around Cardiff the camouflage Zombie response vehicle is generally seen advertising a local barbers rather than fighting flesh-eating hoards. Whilst getting my haircut this week in the excellent Groom for Men on Crwys Rd, the barber was chatting away about his new motorbike. Another customer asked him how many bikes he had now. Shane, the … Continue reading

Inner Spin: Inside the City Rd. Squat

Draped in anarchist banners and bedecked with graffiti, the abandoned Spin Bowling alley on city road is now home to activist squatters: ‘The Gremlins’. I arrived outside the ex-cinema and ex-bowling alley on City Road known as The Gaiety or Spin a couple of weeks ago. I knocked on the side door to ask if … Continue reading

Jacob’s Market

On every floor, around every corner, on every shelf is another relic of a by-gone era just waiting to be rediscovered… Despite living in Cardiff for the last three years I had never heard of Jacob’s Market. Once I heard about this antiques market just behind Cardiff Central Station I decided I had to go. … Continue reading

Open House: A Front Room Vinyl Sale

Who could walk past a vinyl record taped to a lamp post and not stop to look at what it was? Not me anyway… As I was walking down Wyeverne Road in Cathays I noticed a record attached to a lamp post. Instead of a label telling me what was on the record, there was … Continue reading

The Post Office Parrot Sanctuary

From the outside it looks like any ordinary Post Office but the Post Office on Crwys Road in Cardiff is also a safe haven for abandoned Welsh parrots. I had been told that the woman who works in the Post Office on Crwys Road often appeared from behind the counter with a parrot on her … Continue reading