Open House: A Front Room Vinyl Sale

Who could walk past a vinyl record taped to a lamp post and not stop to look at what it was? Not me anyway…

The record that showed the way.

As I was walking down Wyeverne Road in Cathays I noticed a record attached to a lamp post. Instead of a label telling me what was on the record, there was an invitation.

The record said to knock on the door opposite to find a selection of house records for sale. I had to go and have a look.

I rang the doorbell and the door was answered by the DJ who lives there Tom Davey.

Tom invited me up to his flat where he had set out the most beautiful set of customised vinyl decks, and stacks of records.

Tom told me that he had recently restyled his taste in music, and consequently is now trying to sell most of his records on, or out of his flat.

Tom was very welcoming and I stayed in his flat listening to records and chatting about house music.

I particularly enjoyed listening to a Maya Jane Coles remix of “O’So” by Inxec & Mark Chambers on their Sports EP from 2011, Tom had picked it up in Catapult in Cardiff city centre.

Tom Davey DJ with his turntables.

This young DJ is a fourth year medic at Cardiff University and regularly DJ’s down in London at clubs like East Bloc in Hoxton and Egg in Greater London.

After listening to a few records I managed to buy a friend an over-due birthday present.

So if you are walking down Wyeverne Road and want some new records pop into number 143 where Tom will be more than happy to see you.

Update: The next day Tom tweeted me to let me know that his record was stolen from the lamp post. He believes it was stolen by a traffic warden!

When I got home I enjoyed having a bit of a listen to Tom Davey’s mixes on soundcloud:

Tom’s Discogs Store:


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