Jacob’s Market

On every floor, around every corner, on every shelf is another relic of a by-gone era just waiting to be rediscovered…

Despite living in Cardiff for the last three years I had never heard of Jacob’s Market. Once I heard about this antiques market just behind Cardiff Central Station I decided I had to go.

Just a selection of the many items in Jacob’s Market.

The building is a four floor treasure trove of the wonderful to the strange, from vintage typewriters and super-8 cameras to pipes, old postcards and oddly, Nazi uniforms.

It feels like at any moment you might pick up some long-forgotten gem and begin an amazing adventure. You might read a passage out of some long forgotten book and inadvertently summon a wizard or buy an old carpet only to find that it flies… maybe I just read too much as a child.

Postcards from the past.

I loved being able to look at all of these strange objects from the past, click the keys of a vintage typewriter, turn the pages of old books and try on retro sunglasses.

While there we met Henry Nicholson who has just opened up a store in Jacob’s Market selling battered suitcases, cigar boxes, vintage clothing, typewriters and a host of other eclectic items. Henry told us that he is an animator as well and has just finished working on Rastamouse.

Every store-owner there was extremely talkative and helpful and all seemed to have a real love of the items they were selling. I don’t think they minded that I was there just for a bit of a browse.

One of my favourite moments was shuffling through a box of old postcards, there is something magical about reading words written for someone else decades ago, I can’t put my finger on why.

I can now see myself whiling away many a Saturday in Jacob’s market and soon enough I’m sure my room will be filled with even more peculiar curiosities. I really want a vintage typewriter!

UPDATE: I have recently been back to Jacob’s Market and purchased some of the old postcards. You can hear them being read aloud here: Postcards From the Past

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3 Responses to “Jacob’s Market”
  1. Dorine says:

    I did go years ago and whilst I enjoyed looking around I have to admit that the Nazi uniforms and other war memorabilia left me uncomfortable, probably because in France it is illegal to sell these items. There used to be a cafe there as well upstairs as well I believe? Or am I getting confused with the Pumphouse in Penarth Road?

    • Yes, there is Cafe upstairs but I had my nose buried in too many of the odds and ends dotted about, I think I will definitely pop up there at some point though! But I do agree that it is very uncomfortable seeing all the Nazi stuff. I thought it was illegal to sell it here as well but apparently not. Hopefully anyone who buys such items does so purely out of historical interest.

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