Cardiff’s Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle

Often seen cruising around Cardiff the camouflage Zombie response vehicle is generally seen advertising a local barbers rather than fighting flesh-eating hoards.

Cardiff’s Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle.

Whilst getting my haircut this week in the excellent Groom for Men on Crwys Rd, the barber was chatting away about his new motorbike.

Another customer asked him how many bikes he had now. Shane, the barber replied: “oh a couple of bikes and of course, I still have the zombie car.”

My ears pricked up.

I had seen a camouflage truck parked around Cardiff before. The car is decorated with logos saying “Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle” and “No bodies are left in the vehicle overnight”.

I had thought it was a brilliant car and I have taken photos of it and shown it to everyone I know.

So I asked Shane about the car. He said: “Jason the owner of Groom for men brought it in Glasgow from the new film World War Z and I recently bought it off him.”

The car from ‘World War Z’

My interest was further peaked; the new Brad Pitt film in which a UN employee travels around the world trying to stop the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse had used the car that had fascinated me around Cardiff for the past year.

Shane said: “We were told that it wasn’t a very big budget film but then we saw the trailer the other day with Brad Pitt in and we were amazed.

“Hopefully I can sell it on for quite a bit once the film is released.”

Shane did say that the car has its limitations: “its not a particularly great ride, the steering isn’t great and the hand brake is a big lever which comes out of the dashboard.”

The zombie response vehicle has most recently been seen advertising Groom for Men rather than staving off a zombie apocalypse. But, I’m sure if the time comes the Groom For Men barbers  and their zombie car will be ready.



2 Responses to “Cardiff’s Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle”
  1. Carlo Yung says:

    I came here expecting something else, but this entertained me regardless. Interesting stuff!

  2. kaigalles says:

    The best thing about this is the ending of the film is set in an underground laboratory in Cardiff! Shane should speak to one of the cinema chains about leasing the car to them for the opening.

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