The Red Stripe Rule

I’ve often walked into bars, clubs, restaurants and pointed knowingly at a fridge full of the Jamaican style beer ‘Red Stripe’ turned to my friends and said this will be a good night.


A fridge full of red Stripe in Milgi's in Cardiff

A fridge full of red Stripe in Milgi’s in Cardiff

This is because I have a rule, it’s called the Red Stripe Rule. If a place serves Red Stripe in a can, it is probably a cool place. I don’t know why, but all of my favourite places in Cardiff serve Red Stripe in a can.

If that sounds a bit odd and unsubstantiated below are some examples of places in Cardiff which are cool and in their own special way a little bit ‘Offbeat’ which all have behind the bar a fridge full of the lager.

If you want to help prove that my rule works (or disprove it!) please leave a comment of your favourite place that serves Red Stripe or tweet @OffbeatCardiff using the hash-tag #TheRedStripeRule

(also at the outset I would like to say Offbeat Cardiff is in no way affiliated with Red Stripe beer, but if Red Stripe read this and would like to send me some free beer then feel free to contact me!)


Milgi's: The Yurt is out the back.

The Yurt is out the back.

This cocktail bar on City Rd is full of twinkly lights, mismatched tables and chairs and a variety of different coloured walls. In the back garden is a Yurt (like a tent but structurally sound) which you can hole up in (sometimes listening to story-telling or live acoustic music) sitting on the comfy sofa’s and squashy armchairs. The bar also hosts regular vintage clothing markets, a jumble sale where everything is a pound and all sorts of other arty events. Definitely a great place to hang out. Of course behind the bar is a fridge full of Red Stripe.


The have a stag head inside.

They have a stag head inside.

I have seen many a great live bands (Haggis Horns, East Park Reggae Collective, Lazy Habits, Hackney Colliery Band, Bristol Afrobeat Project) in this orange coloured bar in the centre of town. Named after the Welsh slang word for Owl, the bar is not only a great live music venue but home to vintage markets, craft markets and sells a great range of Craft beers, as well as Red Stripe. You can also buy cigars from behind the bar to smoke in the tents outside. Gwdihw is a great bar for a night out or even for just a pint.

A Shot in the Dark

Jazz and Jenga

Jazz and Jenga

Another haunt on City Rd, this Coffee Shop is a great spot to sit listening to jazz, playing Jenga and pretending to be in a Kerouac novel. The Coffee Shop sells a wide range of coffee’s, cakes, cocktails and Red Stripe. A friend and I used to wander on down there for ‘late night coffee’ when we wanted to do something, but not necessarily drink. The bar also plays host to regular live Jazz evenings.

Tweet @OffbeatCardiff with your favourite offbeat places that sell Red Stripe on #TheRedStripeRule. Answer the poll. Leave a comment.


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