Record Shop Profiles

Recently vinyl has had a massive comeback, luckily Cardiff is one of the best places to spend some time picking up some gems. Here is a quick guide to the best places to buy records in Cardiff.

Spillers Records 

Spillers Records

Spillers Records

Probably the only record shop in Cardiff, which needs no introduction. The oldest record shop in the world Spillers started off selling phonographs, wax phonograph cylinders and shellac phonograph discs. It has moved along with the times its entire life selling vinyl, CD’s and probably a brief flirtation with minidisks. Now the shop still sells CDs, vinyl, local gig tickets and a selection of Spillers records merchandise. With friendly staff and a legendary status this shop is worth a visit for every music fan. Even if it is a bit pricey.

Kelly’s Records 

This record shop is situated at the top of Cardiff City Market. Here you won’t find many odd finds or obscure record company samplers but you will find some classic albums at reasonable prices and usually in a pretty good condition. The jazz selection is particularly rewarding, the rock and pop area expansive and the Hip-Hop section could be a lot larger. Some Saturdays a selection of the vinyl from kellys is sold at the pop-up flea market on St Mary Street.

Ghost Town Records

Ghost Town Records

Cardiff Fashion Quarter 

The newly opened Cardiff Fashion Quarter is a great place to wander into to pick up a few gems on wax. Generally this selection of shops is a cavalcade of knick-knacks whimsies and vintage clothing and accessories. But in one section is a vinyl store specializing in punk records on vinyl and CD, Ghost Town Records. It is worth looking around the other shops, many have boxes of LP’s or 7” singles.

The Record Store 

The Record Store on Inverness Place is like a shed full of every genre imaginable on wax and a fairly acceptable selection of CD’s. The best way to approach this Aladdin’s cave of music is to take it genre by genre every time you go in. On one day just peruse the funk, another flick through the Hip-Hop and so on. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in there for hours.  This store is also a great place to pick up old record company promo-CDs really cheap. 

D’Vinyl Records 



When you enter D’Vinyl Records on Macintosh Place the first thing that will hit you is the sheer height of the stacks upon stacks of records, CDs and DVDs in there. Once you squeeze through the poky opening and begin looking around you will again find a huge amount of choice. This is also a great place to pick up cheap CD racks and other music storage options. 


Catapult Records in Castle Arcade specializes in House, techo, dubstep, drum and bass and hard dance. Most of their stock is on vinyl but they have a small CD selection as well. The store also sells DJ equipment ranging from decks to midi keyboards. The staff there are very friendly and perfectly happy for you to spend a while in the store flicking through the LPs and listening to them on the record player provided.


Have a read of Spillers, Catapult and Ghost Town Records picks of this months new releases here.

One Response to “Record Shop Profiles”
  1. Matt says:

    A bit late in discovering your blog, but I loved this feature. Spillers will always be the best in my opinion, it’s always easy to find a great record in there.

    I chatted to the folks at Kellys as part of a recent feature on vinyl record sales in Cardiff. Would be great to get your perspective on the issue!

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