I’m looking for the stories which are off the wall, off the road and always Offbeat…

Walking through the streets of Cardiff you are constantly surrounded by interesting people with interesting stories. Offbeat hopes to lift the lid on the stories that surround us every day but never hear about. I want to find the human interest stories at the heart of Cardiff, the stories beneath Cardiff, the ones you can only find by keeping your eyes and ears open and walking the road less travelled.

About me:

My name is Nick Pritchard. I love Cardiff and I love odd stories, that is why I run this blog. I am currently studying at Cardiff University, Post-Grad in newspaper journalism. I am quite obsessed with books, films and music. Consequently my room is full of groaning shelves and CD racks. I enjoy writing and I work with Manchester based production company Positively Shocking Productions screen-writing.

Feel free to contact me about any odd Cardiff-based stories you think I should investigate.


Offbeat Twitter: @OffbeatCardiff

Nick Pritchard’s Twitter: @nickjhp

Facebook page: Offbeat Cardiff Facebook

Pinterest: Offbeat Cardiff Board

Flickr: Offbeat Cardiff photostream

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Creative garden says:

    Hello! Today I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check our post http://florastable.com/2012/11/23/the-sunshine-award/ if interested.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Creative garden says:

    sorry, wrong adress: http://mamsellproust.wordpress.com is the correct adress!

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