Puzzle Christmas Cards

A Cardiff University Architecture student, Hugo McCloud has made puzzle style Christmas cards to give to his family and friends this Christmas. Rather than select a generic item from the shops Hugo made out of wood a series of cube shaped Christmas cards which slowly reveal a Christmas message to their recipient as they are unfolded and folded. … Continue reading

Fox Studio

I was walking up Crwys Road on the way to investigate a parrot when I saw a sign pointing the way to an artist’s studio. Well, I had to go and have a look.   When I put my coat on this morning I had expected to write a particular story this evening instead I’m writing this one. … Continue reading

MIR: Nocturne CF24

Lantern in hand I set off on a nocturnal arty-walk around the darkened streets of Cardiff in a celebration of local art and the night.   The big finish to this year’s community based arts festival ‘Made in Roath’ was the night-time art walk: ‘Nocturne in CF24’. The night can be eerie, beautiful and cosy, … Continue reading

MIR: 4am Project

The alarm went off at half three in the morning, I woke up got dressed, grabbed my camera and took to the streets to Cardiff to take photographs with strangers.   As part of 2012’s community arts festival Made in Roath I decided to take part in a photography exercise called ‘The 4am Project’. This … Continue reading