Book Shop Oddities

The sound of cracked pages turning in a second hand book shop has always felt slightly magical to me. Cardiff has some fantastic second hand book shops. I ventured into Capital Books and Troutmark Books to see what odd tit-bits I could find in the Welsh capitals literary haunts. Capital Books For years I have … Continue reading

Jacob’s Market

On every floor, around every corner, on every shelf is another relic of a by-gone era just waiting to be rediscovered… Despite living in Cardiff for the last three years I had never heard of Jacob’s Market. Once I heard about this antiques market just behind Cardiff Central Station I decided I had to go. … Continue reading

The Homeless Bookworm

I had often seen him, sitting in doorways with his woolly hat laid flat out in front of him begging for change, and often reading.   When I walk down Park Lane or Park Place I often see the same homeless man sitting out in whatever weather, begging for change. I noticed that most times … Continue reading