Love & Rage: Can the City Road squat become a community centre?

Love & Rage Cardiff squatters ‘The Gremlins’ have been resisting eviction in the abandoned Gaiety on City Road since October this year. Their eventual aim is to make this building a part of the community again by opening it up to the public as a community centre. Who are the gremlins? The gremlins are an … Continue reading

Inner Spin: Inside the City Rd. Squat

Draped in anarchist banners and bedecked with graffiti, the abandoned Spin Bowling alley on city road is now home to activist squatters: ‘The Gremlins’. I arrived outside the ex-cinema and ex-bowling alley on City Road known as The Gaiety or Spin a couple of weeks ago. I knocked on the side door to ask if … Continue reading

MIR: Nocturne CF24

Lantern in hand I set off on a nocturnal arty-walk around the darkened streets of Cardiff in a celebration of local art and the night.   The big finish to this year’s community based arts festival ‘Made in Roath’ was the night-time art walk: ‘Nocturne in CF24’. The night can be eerie, beautiful and cosy, … Continue reading